FT Pay Member Package

Specially created for Micro & Small Enterprises and NGO*


* Companies with paid-up capital not exceeding RM 1.0 million

Start-Up *1,2 #

After discount
RM 79 /month
  • 6 months membership subscription
  • RM 0.10 per Transaction

Enterprise *1,2 #

After discount
RM 63 /month
  • 12 months membership subscription
  • RM 0.10 per Transaction

SUPER *1,2 #

After discount
RM 49 /month
  • 24 months membership subscription
  • RM 0.10 per Transaction

FT Pay Standard Package for Micro & Small Enterprises and NGO*1,2 #

RM 50 /month
  • Monthly membership subscription
  • RM 1 per Transaction

*1. Exclude FPX bank charge.

*2. Exclude government taxes

# Subject to change

What is FT Pay ?

FT Pay is owned by Favor Tech Sdn Bhd, which is the Payment Service Agent* appointed by RHB Bank to process merchant’s FPX transactions. Our aim is to give all merchants the best payment collection experience by allowing them to receive their sales proceeds instantly at a substantial cost reduction.

*PSA Means a qualified party appointed by an Acquiring Bank to refer and / or bring on-board Sellers into FPX on behalf of the Acquiring Bank. A PSA may undertake the role of processing the Sellers’ FPX transactions via its system platform.


How Does FT Pay work ?


Image of System / UI / Design




Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because FT Pay reduces your transactional charges.

Example: 100 transactions with RM1000 per transaction

Other payment gateway charge = 100 (transactions) x RM1000 x 1.5% (gateway charge) = RM1500

FT Pay charge = 100 (transactions) x 60cent (FT Pay charge) = RM60

Savings = RM1500 – RM60 = RM1440 ( 96%) !

Yes, they can.

Yes, provided that you have this option built into your online store.

The sales proceeds on every successful transaction is credited instantly into your RHB Bank Account.

No. Customers cannot cancel a successful FPX transaction.

You may renew your promotional package during the promotional period. Otherwise, our standard package is RM 50.00 per month with RM 1.00* flat fee.

*Subject to change

No. FT Pay is a Payment Service Agent of RHB Bank.


No. The sales proceed will not pass-through FT Pay. It will be remitted directly to merchant’s RHB bank account.

You may contact our customer service at support@favortech.net.