Have Your Own App That Is Downloadable From Both Play Store and Apple Store.

Builds Brand.
  • A simple google search of your company name will show link to your app. Double as a digital billboard that will allow more people to know about the existence of your company.

  • Gives off a tech savvy image to your company which shows that your company promote innovations and effectiveness.

  • Stand out from all your other competitors by having your own mobile app. It is still quite rare for a company to have their own mobile app.

Your Own App
  • With your own logo, your own selected colour scheme!

Completely Customizable To Suit Your Company.

Your Homepage
Company Information
  • The page where you can show the information that is related to you company, the page that can be used to market your company to people who are interested in your service.

New Launching
  • A perfect place to announce new launching/services to your existing customer base since it’s the first page that shows up

  • Videos, Images, Pricing Table, Hyperlink and Map.

A Chat Platform
Venue To Contact Customer Helpdesk
  • A platform that allow customer to communicate with your company. It’s always preferable to solve problem over a few simple text rather than a long phone-call. Besides that, easily keep track of previous complains/issue for future references.

  • Create a strong sense of belonging by allowing your customer to have a platform to talk to each other/to talk to a member of your company. This promotes customer loyalty which is very important especially in competitive fields.

Custom Social Circle
A Place For Them To Share
  • A platform for your customer to share with each other. Only authorized member can post so no sharing of random information that is not beneficial to your business.

  • Updates on current services/products can be posted here too. Elaborate on announcements that are posted on the homepage so customer can understand it better.

Events Planning
  • A tab for customer to see ongoing events. Tickets can be purchased here through online payment that supports FPX and Credit/Debit Card Payment Mode. E-ticket will be created for people who are attending as well.

  • Can also be used as a page to store all the information of your employees so customer can easily find their information if needed.

Building and Maintaining It For You.

Cost Advantages
  • Do away with the risk of developing an app which may not be functionable, not meeting the market expectations and exceed your budget. The Flexi Label App is built under pool of user’s feedback and experience. It has gone through many changes to meet consumers’ needs and will continue to do so.

  • With inexpensive maintenance charges, we will continuosly upgrade your app to ensure it meets the app sotres listing requirement. You can focus on your core areas and let us handle the infrastructure and technology for you.

  • Your consumers’ data always belongs to you. All your data stores in FA-OMS remains as your asset.