Corporate Website Maintenance

A captivating website for a company allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition. It is also a great way to make a great first impression and reassure your clients on the legitimacy of your business, not to mention one of the valuable assets in marketing. 

Here at Favor Tech, we offer several maintenance services to ensure that your website operates as smoothly and presentable as one storefront should be. Our services

  • Maintenance of corporate website, hosting and domain
  • Technical scope for renewing the website’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Content update

The primary reason for having engaging content on a website is to educate and inform site visitors. Without content, no one will fully comprehend what your company stands for or how they can benefit from what you have to offer. Clients can receive the most recent updates or announcements if the content on your website is kept up to date. This ensures that your website traffic would be boosted by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our Services:

  • Provide up-to-date content writing, editing and website assembly by writers and editors with over 20 years of experience in professional writing.

Sharon Ui-Hoon Cheah has over 20 years of professional writing experience. Her works are featured across various media outlets including Singapore’s English Business Daily and The Business Times. She has five years of experience in journalism as a news reporter at Malaysia’s The Star Publications’ Northern Bureau. Her expertise is in research, writing, and synthesising large amounts of information. Sharon is also a published author of “Malaysia Bagus: Travels Through My Homeland” and several corporate books. Currently, she works as a consultant in public relations. 

She is an honours graduate in history from Davidson College, North Carolina, US, and has a Masters in Journalism from Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK.

Upgrade in UI and UX of your website

An excellent User Interface (UI) is vital because it facilitates interaction between the user and your website or application, which can convert potential visitors into consumers. It maximizes a website’s responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility in addition to its aesthetics. UX is significant since it aims to meet the needs of the user. It seeks to deliver great experiences that encourage users to remain loyal to the product or brand. Our service:

  • Improve the look & feel of your overall website
  • Improve your customer experience and overall performance of your website with the help from our experienced programmers.

Additional features include:
*Key Information
*Highlight latest announcements