Data Management

Member records lost, duplicated data, corrupted information or failing to transfer file properly – these were problems encountered by the administrator who used multiple systems to manage members data.

With FA-OMS, all your data is stored in a centralized, secure, auditable and filterable database. The helpdesk live chat, email, events / news / announcements, payments, etc. are all seamlessly integrated, so there’s no mixing up of records.

FA-OMS helps you to save time and money when it comes to managing your member records. It is a cloud-based software, new features are introduced as the software gets updated. Furthermore, it allows members to self-manage their accounts (pay for dues, events, update contact info, access resources, etc.) via mobile application-

Effective Communication and Targeted Group Messaging

We understand your need and your targeted audience needs. We provide you a one-stop communication channel, gathering all your children’s education information, business associations activities, SME group and residential group messages, etc.

For administrators, just a few clicks for targeted group messaging and you can broadcast your message!

For members and consumers, all information is in one place.

Customers Live Chat Helpdesk

Customer Live chat service is a must-have tool for your entity. You can count on our user-friendly live chat helpdesk to address all your incoming enquiries. Some of the biggest live chat benefits are as follows:

  • With live chat service, you can gather the chat history and analyse customers need and find ways to address them. The chat history enable you to see how many chat requests are accepted or ignored, and with an array of other visitor metrics, it can help you better implement your marketing strategies to draw more traffic.

  • Live chat service is a lot cheaper than phone support. This is mainly because live chat enables your helpdesk support staff to multitask and assist several enquiries at the same time.

  • Live chat service is effective in generating leads and closing sales. Because live chat service provides visitors with instant access to your helpdesk support staff and sales team. Opportunities to close sales is potentially higher.

  • Live chat service allows you to give quick answers to questions about your products, solve problems faster, and assure your customers that you’re there when they need you. This service will improve customer loyalty.

Activity Management

What do you need from your activity management platform? You need a platform that can help in raising attendances, increasing revenue and handling menial, time-consuming duties. FA-OMS platform itself consists of the following functions and it is integrated with other tools or devices as described below:-

  • FA-OMS allows organiser to include logos, pictures and elements that people associate with the event.

  • FA-OMS live chat service facilitates ticket buyers to make enquiries.

  • It includes online payment, promo code fields for VIPs, automated emailing QR tickets / offline QR ticket generation, invoice generation, booking search etc.

  • All ticket purchased confirmation can be responded via email and/or mobile app.

Check In

  • Ticket Purchaser check in the event with mobile QR ticket or printed QR ticket.

  • All purchased QR tickets will be stored in FavorAPP’s My Events section, ticket purchaser is allowed to forward the QR ticket to 3rd party.

  • Event organizer can login EK Scanner mobile app; an FA-OMS integrated scanning mobile app developed by Favor Tech, to scan the QR tickets at the entrances.  EK scanner can be deployed online or offline conditions. FA-OMS is able to provide live data if EK scanner is deployed in online condition.

  • Data collected via the EK scanner will give idea who are popular speakers and what attendees like to hear, you’ll then have an idea of the people to invite back for next year.

Website and Mobile App

  • We also provide you an additional avenue – Event King website to promote your events to the public. Event King is a professional website for Events.

  • If your event is for members only, you can opt to notify your members through FavorAPP mobile app and/or emails or your Flexi label app.

  • The mobile app’s event section – Discovery is able to support comprehensive information of the event including speaker’s detail, event time table, attachment of event booklet, etc.

  • Event attendee can use the function inside My Event to do polling.

  • FA-OMS platform comes with built-in template-saving feature which allows you to create multiple editions of the same event

Event Response Analysis

FA-OMS is able to provide you the real time event response analysis. You are able to make necessary adjustments to the event outlines to boost response or sales.

You are able to monitor real time ticket sales information from FavorApp mobile app.

Internal Management

Data Protection is a big responsibility to organization. You can set access limit according to the role and responsibility of the team members. The audit log in place is configured to track the platform usage related issues.