Why should you digitize your company?

Wondering why company nowadays is moving towards digitizing everything? Should you make the move as well? In this blogpost we will be showing few advantages of digitizing instead of doing things the old way. Our FA-OMS is the perfect first step to digitizing your company, a simple to use management system that will simplify all your management tasks. Saves Cost and Time. Using a digital management system will save you so much time. Instead of looking through pile of paper to find one document, you have it all organised and stored in your digital management system. Going digital also helps you [...]

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Should I Own A Phone App?

With more and more company pushing out their own phone app, many might wonder what is the phone app hype all about? In this blogpost we will discuss what are the benefits of actually having your phone app. Engage With Your Customers. Having a phone app allows you to engage with your customer and response to their needs in real time. In the long run this helps you with improving your service/product. Besides that, being able to push the latest product launch / promotions to your customer in real time will also boost you sales by a lot. Increase visibility Having [...]

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